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More cake & Soup


Well it’s that time of the month again when I should put pen to paper and write something inspiring for the website, so here goes –


For our family it is the season of birthdays so many cakes have been baked once again: three tray bakes some using ‘Sugar and Crumbs’ cocoa and icing sugars, a birthday cake with marshmallow frosting, individual lemon drizzle cakes, and a fruity yoghurt cake – with my favourite fruit; apple.

whskd in pan choc cake 1

Chocolate tray bake

cut banana cake dec

Banana Blueberry tray bake

choc lime w pistachios

Chocolate Lime & Pistachio Cake

lemon cakes cooked

Individual Lemon Cakes

Desserts have included Apple and Mincemeat Pudding, main course dishes have included Chicken Nachos c/o ‘Just a Little Nutty’:

Chicken Nachos

Chicken Nachos

Butternut squash soup and a lovely time putting my imagination to the test to put together tasty appetizers with haggis as we were spending ‘Robbie Burn’s Night’ having dinner with family and friends (I always feel it necessary to take something along, it is a failing of mine to never turn up empty handed).

Haggis Appetisers

Haggis Appetisers


Cheese Roll ToastiesI tried Cheese Sandwich Rolls c/o ‘Brilliant Ideasand made my own mayonnaise from the instructions supplied by ‘The Burger Nerd‘. Strangely I had never attempted mayo before.  Using my own eggs and olive oil it came out very very rich and a beautiful yellow and wasn’t the faff that I had always thought it would be.


I have spent a couple of days writing all about stock and soup so there is now a comprehensive guide to soup making on this website which I hope everyone will find useful.  I have also spent time putting soup recipes into the recipe pages – those that I make regularly so I hope you enjoy those too. Soup is such a basic dish that can be made from anything in the fridge or store cupboard, which is a good addition to the diet, it can be made relatively quickly and is very filling served with crusty bread. I even discovered that there are fruit soups apparently enjoyed in Germany, I am still to venture forth and cook fruit soup but watch this space, I’ll share the experience!

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

I have noticed reading through items on the web that coconut is the next super food, an article in the Mail on line, describes the flesh as full of minerals and naturally sweet but doesn’t contain fructose, it’s ratio of fats to protein provides slow release energy that will keep you going between meals resulting, hopefully, in less snacking.  As well as this it is said to metabolise fat to help you burn more calories and increases the activity of the thyroid which should lead to weight loss. I am pleased that I had cooked Delia’s fresh coconut cake and put it in the recipe pages. My Niece also had a coconut cake for her birthday which came from the pages of the ‘Humming-bird’ cookery book.

A good way to put more coconut in the diet other than snacking on dried flakes or eating cake must be to use coconut milk or creamed coconut in a curry.  Over the next few weeks I shall give you some curry recipes that I like to use.

We have organised our next round of cooking dishes that have been on our radar for some time but not got onto the plate – so my next post will include dishes and recipes that we have tried which were new to us.

I have an easy fruit cake recipe to share with you as well as a honey cake recipe.