Baking vs Cooking

Hi All Fellow Bakers and Cooks,

I am noticing since starting on this journey of blogging and sharing recipes that I have concentrated much more on cakes than anything else, and as it happens have just put another cake in the oven.

This fascinates me as I have never thought of myself as a baker but more of a cook enjoying the satisfaction of throwing ingredients into pots where they bubble away into a tasty savoury dish. On most occasions cooking from what is found in the fridge rather than following specific recipes found in cookery books. For example: yesterdays evening meal included courgettes which I had taken out of the freezer (they had been there since last years harvest and needed to be used). I fried a red onion with the courgettes, added a handful of sliced mushrooms and some chopped cooked sausages (which I had grilled for my Granddaughters dinner and she hadn’t eaten). This was seasoned with salt and pepper.

philly I had the ‘New’ Philadelphia ‘Simply Stir’ cooking sauce in the fridge, bought because it was on special offer and I often use Philadelphia cheese for sauces in my everyday cooking, so thought it was worth a try. I added half a pack of onion & garlic and half a pack of mushroom. The meal was tasty and enjoyed but, on reading the ingredients list, the sauce will not be living in the fridge very often!

 The cake which is cooking (Mmmm the kitchen smells wonderful!) is a Ginger, Cinnamon, and Apple cake from a book called ‘Creative with Cream’ by Lorna Walker. 

I have used this cookery book a lot as I especially like cooking with cream and probably eat far too much of it for the health of my arteries. The book was published in 1983 so has been a favourite of mine for a long time now and it contains savoury as well as sweet dishes; as well as putting dishes together into menu suggestions.

I shall pass on some of Lorna’s tips and advice for cooking and using cream for your perusal and information.

The cake in question is decorated with brandy snaps filled with cream and looks very impressive for a party or special tea.  I am not in the mood for baking brandy snaps; there were no sign of any manufactured packets in the local supermarket, so I returned home decked ginger with mini ‘stroop’ wafels made by Daelmans. I have covered the cake with cream sprinkled it with crystallised ginger and popped the wafels on top. I never score very highly when it comes to decoration and you will realise this when you take a look at the pic of the cake but I am up there with the best of them when it comes to flavour, which personally, I feel is the most important.

 This weeks eating out:- Returned to the Fox & Goose, Cooksmill Green where I indulged in a gourmet burger and fries which was very tasty indeed, I had too much coffee though and couldn’t sleep until well into the early hours, erh! I have been to Heathers (my sister-in-law) for dinner where we ate chicken, another sumptuous recipe she found (I have given you a link to the recipe). I took along the barrel potatoes which you will find on my recipe pages.

I have eaten lunch at a friend’s house a couple of times this week as she has endured a shoulder op and needs some TLC. I took fish pie and plum cake and we had cheese and biscuits on the second occasion with more plum cake. In this week also fell Book Club which should be called Book & Cake club, as we take our afternoon tea, while discussing the book, very seriously. Whoever is hosting bakes their heart out and we have three or four types of deliciousness to munch our way through, because we obviously have to try everything! This month it was Jackie’s turn to host and she produced Delia’s coconut cake, an apple slice which I will describe as I have no recipe for this at present, it was a shortbread base then stewed apple flavoured with sultanas and the tiniest amount of ground cloves, topped with crumble – it certainly was delicious. She had also slaved away at making caramel biscuits.  The Delia Coconut Cake would be a lovely alternative Christmas cake for those who do not enjoy a rich fruit cake. 

I have been doing the rounds of the charity shops looking for pudding basins. I want to share with you my recipe for a mincemeat and apple suet pudding and I needed some more basins. I returned home with four in varying sizes from large to a diddy individual one. I also picked up a small flan dish which has an apple, orange pie recipe printed on the inside so I shall have to do that along with everything else!  The pudding and the pie are in the recipe pages along with lots of pics.


showing layers cooked pie

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