Apples, Apples & more Apples

This week I have made apple chutney so want to pass on the very simple recipe which tastes sooo good. You will find it on the recipe pages. The apples in the picture were harvested from a tree along our lane which stands in a plot of vacant land. They have gone into making a couple of lovely apple cakes of which the recipes have been included in the recipe pages.

Why do we make chutney? Simply to preserve fruit and vegetables, not as necessary nowadays with fridges and freezers, and of course global food production which means fruit and vegetables are in our supermarkets all year round. But in days gone past it was a way of keeping fruit and vegetables in an edible state to use with meals throughout the winter.

The name chutney is a Hindu word ‘chatni’ meaning to lick. This method of preserving food combines fruit and spices.

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