Review of Drop Dead Chocolates

I ordered two types of chocolates as tasters from Drop Dead Chocolates  after seeing a picture of their chocolates on Twitter @DropDeadchocs. These looked absolutely scrumptious and I couldn’t resist the temptation to try them for myself.

The chocolates promptly arrived two days later by post and along with the flavours I had ordered was a complimentary packet of individually wrapped dark chocolates.

The boxes look cute, a red and a white box, both with sophisticated gold lettering which makes them look expensive, each nestling four good sized chocolates (large enough to share).

choc boxes

I wanted to make the most of my purchase and taste these in a special way so took the boxes with me when I met my daughter in London where four of us were having dinner together at the Rucoletta restaurant, a venue I would recommend if you get the chance, they participate in a valuable rewards scheme called Stampme.

After a very sumptuous meal the coffee was served and we carried out our highly scientific taste test, even the restaurant staff were interested in our tasting:

Ginger & Chilli:  one minor criticism was the lack of decoration, that which was looked half hearted – was it meant to be there or not?  The ginger flavour could have been stronger for our taste buds and we could not detect any hint of actual chilli, although to be fair this could have just been a certain warmth given to the chocolate without hindering the taste?

Praise – Lovely touch of the blue foil paper, lovely gingery smells and fruity as well as spicy tastes.  The concensus thought the round chocolates were better tasting, stronger ginger flavour and smoother chocolate and loved the shiny smooth appearance.  Enjoyed the crispness of the outer chocolate coating.

Chocolate Flavour: the criticism – the oblong chocolates looked rather plain and uninviting, they looked dull as the chocolate lacked any lustre, again quite possibly an unavoidable affect of their creation.


Praise – for the silky smooth chocolate, plenty of flavour without any hint of bitterness, we preferred the round chocolates in their appearance, creamy texture and taste.  All four chocolates had just the right amount of crispness on the outside with the creaminess on the inside and the overall presentation was good.

In conclusion – all four of us would certainly recommend them and I will definitely be trying some more.