Christmas Gone for another Year

Hi Everyone,

Well, all the festivities are now over, I returned to work yesterday like so many of you, I imagine. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that we are all looking forward to a Happy New Year!

On the cooking front I didn’t get to bake my own mince pies this Christmas but bought them from the local bakery (Dorringtons), so although shop bought they were still delicious. My baking, which I had planned over the weekend before Christmas, in fact, didn’t really get to start in earnest until Christmas Eve, and was quite a lot less than usual. I invited the neighbours in for drinks, so with the help of my now adult children, who came home for Christmas, we put together plenty of canap├ęs including cocktail sausage rolls for the evening ahead. We have not known our neighbours for all that long as we only moved into our present

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