Baking vs Cooking

Hi All Fellow Bakers and Cooks,

I am noticing since starting on this journey of blogging and sharing recipes that I have concentrated much more on cakes than anything else, and as it happens have just put another cake in the oven.

This fascinates me as I have never thought of myself as a baker but more of a cook enjoying the satisfaction of throwing ingredients into pots where they bubble away into a tasty savoury dish. On most occasions cooking from what is found in the fridge rather than following specific recipes found in cookery books. For example: yesterdays evening meal included courgettes which I had taken out of the freezer (they had been there since last years harvest and needed to be used). I fried a red onion with the courgettes, added a handful of sliced mushrooms and some chopped cooked sausages (which I had grilled for my Granddaughters dinner and she hadn’t

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